Islam, the religion of Salam

Ironically, a name signifying Alarm,
For their ways of life is Haram….
Probably, to killing swine we hold firm,
Notwithstanding, we’ll keep feasting on An’aam (cattle)

A name given by the father of faith,
A road, from Adam to Nuh, down to Muhammad was paved.
Spreading the message for all ages and space.

Without intending to sing all their psalms,
I relied on saying, “to them, we are more than fans”
Each being a brother hallowed in ranks.

We lived, live and would live in an awkward world,
Where what is sin, would never be seen.
Forgetting that as little as a small word,
When uttered, you can never rescind.

From the bottom to the top,
Lawlessness is what we sing,
Forgetting that we have a compass,
Through our sojourn here, a guide.

To us, it came as a mercy from the creator,
Through messengers who are not just narrators.
But acted on the belief in which they preach,
And explained recompense for those that does and doesn’t breach.

From the depth of darkness, ‘twas an elevation,
Up the caste of ignorance, a terminator,
In the scale of justice, an advocator,
Putting things right, a subtle educator.

It teaches you that Allah’s worship is main,
Ephemeral is the world, for it will wane,
Rejecting this call, although has been our bane,
Despite numerous lessons, we haven’t asked…”what’s my gain”

Your submission to him (maybe you are oblivious) wouldn’t increase his reign,
Disbelieving in him still makes it the same,
Interestingly, his mercy projects beyond his cane,
Repentance from sins, invites his blessings to rain.

Taking me back to what is its nomenclature,
Islam is a way of life, irrespective of geographic temperature,
Allah’s word- its rule, what a perfect literature,
Calm on the strong, mild on the weak, devoid of pressure.

Islam goes beyond what ‘’I can just write’’,
An epilogue is something that’s right now just nice……
For of all the blues that we’ve seen,
And all the truce that have been,
What makes us a better being,
Is embracing the message that Islam beam.

Jummah Mubarak


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