Here again!

It would soon leave
Did I turn a new leaf?
Or in charity do i give?
I might again end up saying if!

This time notwithstanding,
In the night i’d remain in standing,
The Quran, I’d crave more understanding,
My life, I’d give a new rebranding.

All acts I know is for we-
Regardless of how long the Tarawih,
To become saved according to Allah’s will,
Piety and endurance is to that our wheel.

Last year, I wasnt the same,
This, I hope to remember it came,
For I wish to be in increase of knowledge and fame,
And to be beloved to Allah with angels happy saying my name.

Ramadan mubarak from us all at Ashraf’s scribbles.
Watch out for you tube clips on awe inspiring poems as we use words to save the world.


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