HOW DARE YOU!………….victory won for Islam by a corp member.

COORDINATOR: How dare you! How dare you raise a hoe against your fellow corp member? You must be from either Oyo or Kwara.

TUNDE: Ibadan sir!
Coordinator: I knew! Don’t bring your religious wahala here o. ……………..
And to you , prayer warrior, Isa or what is your name? What I am going to do is that I would redeploy both of you to either Karim Lamido or Kurumi so that you can go there and worship your God peacefully. But why on earth would you disturb your fellow corp member with noise. Even me as a christian, you can use your noise to disturb me………. Both of you should just get out and go sign your undertaking.

Everywhere you are irrespective of your position or influence, you are prone to, as a muslim varying degree of humiliation as long as you want to stand for your deen. You would be blackmailed, labelled and thrown all sorts of insults that would either stick to you for the rest of your life or make your life a short one.
This occurrence brought nothing to my imaginary world than the monstrous issue of boko haram that Nigeria had to contend with till now. The occurrence of which could have been avoided if Muhammad yusuf was not killed unjustly.

As a first class graduate of Mechanical Engineering from one of the foremost state universities in the country, Tunde (pseudonym) without doubt is not only one enlightened , but well educated and civilized…….knows whats right and his right.
Being a muslim, and a conscious one indeed, after being posted to the Taraba state college of Agric as a corp member, what he sought for was the mosque. He was informed that the he and the other Muslim currently in the lodge had to share the sitting room cum-common room with christians as the temporary mosque and church.
Accepted! All things went well and smooth until the normal worship of the christians turned into nothing less than a crusade. That’s so ridiculous! Consultations were made and the fellowship was taken to the other lodges (boys quarters and the female lodge).

Upon the departure of the other corp member after his service year and that of Tunde for his convocation ceremony in Ogbomoso, the other christian colleagues saw that as an opportunity to be the proverbial rat that became the landlord in the absence of the cat.

On getting back, he informed them that he didn’t go against them using the other two lodges for the fellowship, but using the male lodge where he is, in order to disturb his peace is uncalled for! Arrant nonsense and absolute infringement of rights. In fact, it was a deliberate attempt to frustrate the spirit of tolerance that exists between the adherents of both faiths.

All well and good, the xtian leader, the other corp member in question, who happens to be the C.L.O ; Isa is the NCCF coordinator for the local government in which the school is domiciled. Cutting the long story short, he insisted that the fellowship continues!

The registrar after the issue was reported, in a bid to escape the debacle transferred the issue to the deputy registrar who incidentally was a muslim. On hearing the claims of both sides, he proclaimed that all religious activities should stop! All this happened before Tunde travelled for convocation.
Dissatisfied with the verdict, for to them it was a muslim that passed the judgement, not the school, the christians continued with the fellowship and other things in the said lodge without regard for the initial order given.
Tunde, now a lone ranger raised the alarm and warned the CLO who is now acting with impunity also to the dissatisfaction of other christian colleague, of the dire consequences of his actions. He in turn, threatened Tunde that; “if not because I am the CLO, you would have been dead by now!” NO one, including the LGI wanted to listen to that.

On a fateful Thursday, another day for the said fellowship, Tunde came home tired only to meet the sitting room adjacent to his room filled with holy ghost fire. Disturbed, very angry and emotional, coupled with the fact that he is the only muslim in their midst, resorted into scaring the leader (CLO) off with a hoe when the other challenged him he can’t do a thing! After banging on doors and floor, he threw the poor hoe away and pushed Isa on the chest after which both started shouting on the top of their voices. Not to forget that he is the only one. The only muslim!

In the long run after cutting the long story shortest, the issue was taken to the State coordinator who gave a final verdict that nothing like religious activities should take place in the lodge! Tunde can now observe his salah peacefully in the corner of his room in the morning while the christians can trek for nothing less than 45 minutes to the chapel in the bush to be filled with the holy ghost fire.
– You can fight the fight alone. Just be on what is right.
– Islam has a lot of enemy. Don’t be its enemy by doing what it doesn’t preach
– Tolerance has its limits. Make noise and shout when you are threatened.
– Knowledge is not a measure of steadfastness. Knowing little not an excuse. Knowing much, you become a target.
– Be a good represntative of Islam wherever and whenever. Let them know you are irresistible.
Another victory for Islam won by just a man who faced different odds…….. he killed none and wasn’t killed. What have you fought for?


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