The man in the mirror

*The man in the mirror*

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily-

Life is but a stream.

It passes you by that you ask yourself- Really?

It is  a façade that eludes like a dream.

You have the guts to express yourself freely,

But your utterances stops you from coming clean.

At times we take things willy nilly,

But we are the drivers of our destiny, take heed as you wheel.

I know it would take a liitle time for you to understand,

Nothing  good comes so easy on demand,

For I also lived in those fantacies,

That  I can sit and reach the galaxies.

It even gets worse when you receive accolodes,

Living on past glories from treacherous comrades,

Soon you become extremely puffed up,

That to your boss bossses you eye and say whats up.

The man you want to become is not what you see in you now,

The calf continues grazing till it sees itself a cow,

knowing you are the worst,makes you to people wow,

Becoming little to yourself draws what people would see and bow.

The change you want to see?

Plant yourself to become a tree,

Not just a twig, I hope you twig,

Spread all your branches, consume the heat.

Photosynthesize and nuture, that should be your nature,

Be gracious in your dwelling don’t become a vulture,

An architect of your future, you are just the sculptor,

The world Is yes, very sick, believe you are the only doctor,

The world paints a gloomy picture, make sure you add your colour.

Don’t be a victim of a selfish kind of love,

There are some who doesn’t know what it takes to curve.

So I am  talking to you in the mirror-

Take a selfie and see your picture.

Don’t just change your ways,

Count your days!

Ashraf’s scribbles:using words to save the world


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