Still Confused


The more I mourn,
Shows how strong the bond I have formed.

Before success is born,
Remember the number of calories that’s burn.

There is to every win a pain,
Just like it pains not to win.
Know that with every rain comes a wind,
But not all pourings brings a gain.

At times i crave for so little,
When I know I can equally ask for more.

Just to push on, I ride in my beetle,
And going gentle in this my tour.

Still for less I know I cant settle,
On me encomiums must pour.

Some said Mugabe would say;
When asked – between money and wisdom, which would you take?
Money! The quick answer, he wont fake,
For its what you lack, you’d love to rake.

Knowing fully well that all is vanity,
Then why struggle so much, where is the sanity?
Without hardwork survival is brutality,
Then why would I lie with penury in conformity.

The more you amass, prepare to be aghast,
The less your mass, reduced is your avast,
Having makes you blast,
Lacking doesn’t make you last,
Feeding makes you fast,
Hunger brings to you your past.

I cant get myself convinced,
Neither would I want you confused.
My words cant be minced,
The though cant stop being perused.


2 thoughts on “Still Confused

  1. A great writer with a great pen putting a great ink on great surfaces. I’m a loyalist and a fan bro. Great work!


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