Àrà Mi Ò Rírí…

Anybody that knows him might not be attracted to him because of his gentle and calm nature. Well composed and not condescending. But on a closer look, you would be imbued by the aura of his thinking reflected in magnanimous measure in his writing.

In this piece Sheikh Kehinde mahrouf as he likes to be fondly called shares a rather funny but insightful experience (on close perusal) on life outside your comfort zone.
You would do well to share the article in order not to laugh and reflect alone.


I have been to the world of ducklings where the mother follows her children. I have thread the perverse jungle where parrot watches with indignation. I was in attendance the day frog won laurels for eloquence. It wasn’t in my absence when the peahen dons her colourful gown. I was one of the chairmen of the day during the coronation of vulture. I mean the day she was crowned the forest queen. On that day, all species of alves sang melodiously in unison like Roman choir in cathedral during Christmas. I could not but moved my legs, hands and even shook my head in acknowledgment for their wonderful entertainment. It was the first day I saw rats dining amicably with cats and monkeys strolling amorously with tigers. With my korokoro eyes, I saw sheep sitting in regal judgment over lions and lizard confidently wrestled with leopard. Oh, the scene was so beautiful and wonderful to behold! My mind, as my engineer, has constructed countless mind-bogling scenes dressed in expensive suits of imagery. And I have not, for once, deprived him his dividend of his hard work. I have been paying him his wages for his amazing products that people sometime, if not often, give “sadankata” to. This is because I am not an abara-m’oreje (an ingrate). He, however, disappointed me for not letting me be in the know that orí olóngbò, orí ológìnní, orí músù, in a popular word language: cat head, that my people, Yoruba, use in an idiomatic expression, can really and truly be bought at shoprite.

It sounds strange to you, right? Look, my people, Àì d’ẹ̀gbẹ́ jìnà làì rí abuké ọ̀kẹ́rẹ́. B’éèyàn bá dẹ odò jìnà, yí ò rí ẹja tó y’arọ (If one stops being a lazy hunter in shrubs around the homestead and ford forests where brave hunters dare, he’ll encounter a hunchback squirre. Whoever embarks on a offshore fishery will sight a lame fish.) Come with me. Today, it seems I woke up from the wrong side of the bed. I lost my money. I can’t really say how it disappeared for my pocket because I didn’t put it inside my wallet. Maybe the money felt down when I removed my wallet from my pocket. I can’t really say. I know the question that comes to your mind is: how much is it? Well, I will not tell you. I only state this for you to know my mood. I passed through market sqaure while I was coming from my friend’s house this evening. A
man held me and said: “oga, come and help me buy” “Leave me, I no buy” I replied without looking at what he sells. He followed me while holding me and said: “Just look at my shop in case…” “See, leave me, abeg” I interrupted “Costumer, why you dey frown your face now?”
He asked with no expectation of answer By this time, I took my time to look at where he pointed to be his shop. I nearly slump. I felt like a 5-year-old boy who spot a live gigantic dinosaur. “Leave me, I don’t eat what you are selling” I said. I have completely lost my patience and he was still holding me. “Ehn, you may buy it for your friends” he persisted “Ǹjẹ́ mi ò wá dáràn báyìí. Fimí lọ́wọ́ sílẹ̀, à bí ọmọ ọkùnrin yìí wọ wèrè ni?” I said amidst anger. I spark and get angry in Yoruba mood. This means: “I really hope I haven’t got myself in trouble. Leave me alone, is this man crazy?” And he left me “Alákọrí” I said No matter how you try not to trade with harsh words, some people will still provoke you. Imagine someone forcing Fadeelat Sheikh Maroof Kehinde bn Zakariya to buy dog meat! I don’t gerit! That is by the way, anyway. It may not sound strange to you. It is not also strange to me seeing people eating dog meat. But I find it so strange to see my neighbour especially the young ones haunting Agama agama-lizard for launch. I am serious. As if that is not enough, my neighbour was in shock the day they knew that I do eat snail. And they give me a look that say: “which kain human being be dis?” This is the cat head I saw at shoprite. Àrà mi ò rírí, mo rí orí olóngbò l’átẹ. Break bread with me. It is Akamu and Akara
and… # winks


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