Crop it not


A dozen hurdles you must cross.

They are great barriers, loftier than rocks.

Restricted zones you should but stop,

A teetotaler you just must burst.

Call me a loser, for I was once,

Slap and hit me, that to me isn’t gross.

Slander me and backbite, I know it’s just your thought.

I am just being me; yeah, I am your boss!

Learnt that in life you win and at times you are at loss,

Making you think on which hope you should trust.

Your efforts to succeed, some might just sum.

But keep faith in your stance, your space they shouldn’t crop.

In your hands are your destiny, spend but don’t shop,

Off all goodies in life, success shouldn’t stop.

Take note of your mistakes, it’s a ditch you shouldn’t fall,

All you have is your time, on you doom must clock.


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