So that we may…….


“O! I saw the crescent”
The man had said!
Isn’t it just of recent-
That shaytan had fled?
Our countenance has been decent,
Even the poor were Fed.
Jannah remained our intent,
On forgiveness we bend.

Just like am sure for you to know-
That verily, each year it must come and go,
The previous never again to occur to any soul,
We, for what we do therein has been sown,
We would reap the fruit as soon as it grows.

The month on blessings, of Allah to reflect,
A time of tellings, from the old to effect,
To Allah our pourings of the heart to perfect,
For destinies are changing, in a night of respect.

Hear it from me,never wanted it to be over,
Bilal should pull his cord, others turning to cyril stober
And proclaim to the world that Muslims all over are sober.
For the next I pray, plus decades and another.

And my request i’m sure would be in express folders.

Eidun Mubaarak…..


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