Chronicles of

And as the squadron gushes forth

Splitting and crumbling and packing and stumbling. The owner,

Re-organizes his watch and gives to airy nothing

A better meaning and a clearer focus.

How time flies
The chronicles of time….

Ashraf’s scribbles: using words to save the world

A short explanation

“chronicles of time”

A squadron is likened to time… That sets out as soon as you are born… Ticking and Ticking ready to devour you… And end u.. U might think its your friend… It isnt.

All military expedition do set out to crush or spill anything on its way….. The victims are left to scamper about and thats u… Always being chased by time to achieve stuffs on time. And u, if not packed well and ready for times challenge by making the best of it, u stumble.

The wise owner knowing that it is going already Re-organizes his priorities and makes hay whilst the sun shine. He gives no damn about what might cost him in arranging his thoughts and ways in order to be successful

His aim becomes clear and life meaningful

Time flies, thats what it is. Definitely not ur friend


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