My ”padis” for life



My padis for life

Who would with me, savour the feelings

Either good or bad it might be

Lying side by side sharing our compartments

Gifts brought we share evenly

Never minding who owns it unless specified

We receive new visitors daily without rejecting them.

Cries of some bothers our peace

While the warmth and cool of some brings smile to our walls.

We always envisage the blowing of the trumpet

For our welcome party was by two ferocious fellows

I particularly couldn’t bear the awe

They gave the chance to run but I fit exactly into their nails

Where else to go?

With some questions, we became closest and dearest friend,

They sent me company five times daily

The beauty of the ‘’handsomes’’ varying

Was shown beautiful abodes so lofty and great

With thrones raised high

Heard voices mellifluously dashing

Although was told I would, the gazes of the voices later see

‘’Padis’’ they were where no one dear dare,

The darkest abodes not more than accommodating for me

Illuminated by the white matters in my eyes

Yawning, I can’t

Would definitely be greeted by the brown red sand

O! hot and chilly!

Raising my head gives it a blow

From the unforgiving punches of the iroko wood

My white bathed in the cleansing chemicals of the dusts

Me! A whole me, that can shuttle from malay to yankee,

Within the four walls of ibadan

All within a day!

Now restricted to a tiny room and parlour.

Oh! If not for my ‘’padis’’

‘’My padis’’

The angels of Rahmah

Invited by my deeds and-

Led through by Munkar and Nakeer.

Shown the path by no one else than-

The grim reaper

The End to pleasures

Who didn’t consider my age

My family and degree

My worth and pedigree

Oh! Malakul Maut told me

He is a fan of no One

He has been watching me since

Escape I can’t I was informed.

Oh! Death!

An inevitable end

Despite my hatred for you

Sure the love you have-

In taking me to my final abode of peace I do forget.

Tarry a while please

Wait till I finish my mission

Come when I would be most accepted

By my lord!

And my ‘’padddis’’ who I know are for life

Who are grave yard mates,

Who are grave mates,

And finally jannah mates.



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