My spew

Hello, hi moon
Hello, hi sea
The joy of the womb,
The way I see it

You’ve  got to be strong
Sometimes you might be wrong
Your passion is what seals it
For Your goals to be true

At times you rise,
Most hours you fall,
As long as you have it-
In you’re your heart, its cool.

Your way might be right
Meagre with you might be left
At night it might be hazy
Its water to the grass still is called the dew.

I ask, have you got it?
In thy hands is the screw.
You paint with the brushes,
You decide the beu-                            *beauty

Once beaten is shy,
Never forget the sky.
You might think youv’e had it –
Close In your eyes, my dear , don’t be fooled.
Success is a mirage, you heard me,
You never know when its true,
Just rewind and pause it
With your bread, eat the stew.


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