*Free your Tongue:Release your heart


Candescending candour.

Magnificent grandeaur.

Effulgent splendour.

Being open like the street,

And readable like a script,

Doesn’t mean you give a damn-

To all pourings, even rivers have their dams.

So simple as it seems;

To be free and live and speak-

To show and express and reject-

To love and be loved and be beloved,

Yet, our world makes those a feat, so super,

An irony; A divorce without alimony,

Where the fish Strives and even die of thirsty,

Where the air is trapped and even cry of space.

Yes, Its simple but difficult,

Truth, integrity, and honesty-

Trust and justice and probity-

Gives to the Heart its greatest possession;

Liberation from hurt, burden and avarice-

Enmity, deceit and even cowardice.

Candescending you become in the candour of trust.

Magnificent your grandeaur in the empire of truth.

Effulgent remains your splendour as you bedazzle in probity.

Be free as the bird:
Say the best.

Diplomacy remains a key;

Honesty is the steel.

Society is the wind;
You hold the sail.

Let not your heart wary
Lest in happiness you tarry.

Its another Jummah:
Free your tongue, release your heart!


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