The song about the good of life


As I begin to wonder,
Maybe it might be true….
And I aint getting younger,
Still not getting through…..

Where lies my bare……..necessities?

Enough to eat, suffice to drink

A roof above, sons to feed

Books to read and a bevy to lead

And then where to be
Forgetting my strife …..get my needs

For my heart is laid bare

As it couldn’t yearn for more

And to face lot of adversities

Maybe it’s far or near

Just feel like the wind….

You never know what’s in your potentials

The bees keep going out and in

But its shit, most times I want in me

Never forget it’s also the best in need

So can also you be

You need not look any further

Or your chest even broader

All is in your palms and your trousers

On your tongue, beneath your feet

Grind your teeth and then sing the song

What you need is you!

I mean you!

Find happiness with your heart,

Hug joy and smile loudly.

Never forget your sorrows,

Burn it and spew.

Be firm and be lucky,

Take you your friend.


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