Eddie’s Diary (Episode 3)


It all started when he was thirteen. His Home Economics teacher had explained to them the first aid procedure when domestic accidents happen. A boy had broken his right arm after engaging in an energy usurping fight with Anike. Being the most powerful although not the eldest, Anike wielded such a power that even school prefects do consult her to deal with hard bones difficult to crush among the students. It was told that she was in the senior belt category in her Taekwondo class organized by Mr Bala; a former Olympic medalist. Kanu, being the victim of the rather unfortunate incident was a new student who had relied much on his size and height after much persuasion from his colleagues to calm down and let go all grudges he might have against ‘’Mike Tyson’’. That however fell on deaf ears for he was bent on getting back his money mistakenly taken by Anike. She had spent it all before she realized it wasn’t hers’.

Before long, the surprisingly long argument degenerated further into exchange of blows. In no time, rains of unrepentant blows landed unguarded on Kanu’s succulent face. She picked him up eventually, showed him to his creator without breaking a sweat and smashed the already hopeless entity on the rugged mother earth. Alas, his left arm produced a funny sound and it became official. He, at that moment had become an orthopaedic patient.

This ‘’Smack-down’’ was witnessed by the Home Economics teacher who ran to Kanu’s rescue and braced his already broken hand with too wooden rulers she found available before the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. Although Kanu spent Three months nursing the broken arm, what was more memorable was the beating administered on Anike by virtually all members of staff.

Eddie, during the tangle with Jaguar; the head of the gang, got his arm broken. He retaliated thus by managing to dip the dagger he had seized into the Jaguars’ belly. He was sure enough to miss vital parts so as not to kill him but the effect, strong enough to keep him motionless before the law enforcement agents came to his rescue. He ended the fight by decimating Jaguars right leg in such a way he would use clutches for the rest of his life- So Eddie was told afterwards by the doctor in charge of his treatment.

The following days that followed were agog with the news of the Jacky Chan-like encounter between Eddie and the thieves. It was later discovered that those set of people were not just petty thieves but specialized armed robbery bandit that has for long been terrorizing the people of that area. Mr Amusa, the thrift collector had attested to that fact and Jaguar himself had on interrogation confirmed the shocking but joyful story. The people of IGBOKO are free, at least for a while, from the fear of terror.

No Joy can be compared to that of Eddies’ as he felt more like a king than just a saviour. While still on admission at the General hospital, the cloth he wore the day of the fracas was brought to him for he passed out immediately he knew the police were around to free Jaguar from his grip. His mind ran back to his money and how it might have disappeared. He was so disappointed when the nurse handed over his Three thousand five hundred and twenty five naira back to him. ‘’it was found in your pocket’’, she said.

On his side was his ‘’wife’’– his mother who was the only one allowed to be with him. All the people of Igboko town had wanted to gain entry into the private ward and witness their hero recuperating. With tears on her cheeks, she had welcomed him back to life with an enchanting smile. All Eddie could remember at that moment was the nursery poem by Ann Taylor. He remembered these lines perfectly:

Who sat and watch my infant head

When sleeping on my cradle bed

And tears of sweet affection shed?

My mother!

He couldn’t help but join in the sweet-sour affectionate moment. It was during that moment of tears that his ‘’other’’ family members came in. The crew was led by Sergeant Okoro himself. Eddie was so elated that he was able to spot some Okro Soup stains on Okoro’s Shirt. The later had told him jokingly that he couldn’t eat at all since he heard of the incident. The whole hospital had shaken to its roots from their laughter and chattering but was cut short when the district head came to pay his courtesy visit to the town’s hero. He informed Eddie the town would foot his hospital bill and he was given a sum of Twenty thousand Naira for domestic use.

Although he later got donations amounting to forty five thousand naira, but the soldiers were sure to collect their 10 percent from the Twenty thousand he was given by the chief. Their reason- Eddie had used their tricks for his exploit! They however before leaving, informed him to leave the town once he is hale and hearty as that’s not safe for him and leaving can even afford him the chance of seeking greener pastures.


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