Eddie’s Diary (Episode 4)


‘’Force Majeure’’ basically means superior power. Either one likes it or not, you have eternally entered an agreement with nature that whatever good that befalls you never would come easy. We never wanted to come to this world, yet we came. And it is by this same force we would leave. This same force of nature as explained by physicists is calculated thus; MASS×AREA. One would realize that if you wish to increase one’s reverence, quality, prosperity, versatility and scope in this world, one has to get them by FORCE!

This explains perfectly Eddie’s current predicament. His will of not leaving and the fear of what to face. But as Okoro had said:  ‘’he is to seek greener pastures’’.

Igboko had been his place of birth and the dearest to him among all places. There, he was born, bred and fed. He even hopes, sometimes after being an Octogenarian that it should be here he would be announced dead. The thought of his poor mother drew him closer to the town but his prospects in the unknown world entices him the more to ‘’go ye forth and reproduce’’ his potentials into reality.

Fresh in his memories was John. He had thought to himself:  ‘’John, our area brother had gone to Lagos wretched but came back home with a Nissan car’’ Although he knew less than nothing of the model of the car, but he was sure it got the attention of all the beautiful girls in his area then. He also knew the car produce a kind of sound when on ignition, similar to Mama Ojo’s engine. Her milling machine unarguably produces the worst sound on earth. It would begin with a loud spark that goes on for five times before finally giving an explosive sound just as experienced in the Ashanti wars. Yet, it got the fancy of all. What amazes the onlookers was far beyond the rickety car, but how rapid John’s life can be transformed in just two Months-no one cared about what he does for a living.

He was thrown in a dilemma- to choose between the devil and the red sea. In fact, it was the black unclear sea. After much contemplation, he chose the latter and foremost on his mind was Lagos. Alas! He must be on his way.



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