The World at Last became Dumb




Thump the drum, for Trump has triumphed

An exemplary incendiary withstanding all storms

Unabashedly demagogue for they say he talks without reason

Now it became clear he is now the man of the season


Across all borders, he’s known- a rabble-rouser

His mission was clear; to defeat the Democrat’s poser

And yes! He has distinguished skirts from trousers

It takes a man to be charged a BILL and still remain HILARY (ious)


Now comes the time Nigerians stick to the REPUBLIC if we CAN

America though isn’t paradise, Dangote made it where I am

All I wish for is ease for us wherever we are

For either we like it or not, the world is in Trump’s era


A TRUMPet again for the whole Ummah,

Never was America in history nice to beard or the Musimah

The dream has always remained the same, you can also infer

Despite the odds, Islam keeps getting stronger.


Glad tidings to that someone, a total stranger

Who neither wanes in faith, from fitnah always capper

Tribulations; the prophet said; never makes him sadder

In ease, thanks were his waters

And in trials; his patience never taper.


For together we can be great again!



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