A friend,to me once asked: “how is the north”?

The prompt reply, I said as expected:” it is hot”

Later I asked myself why can’t I say “Not”?

Maybe,I answered, thats what i’ve always thought.

Some situations in life always stay,Its never back and forth

Many times I know destiny we might have fought

Not knowing its a safe house, a security and yes..a fort

Keeping us warm,against Heat,Freeze and Rot

You wanted That,Buy This is what you Got

You cry out loud,not knowinh it can’t be bought

You dont want to know its even a Dot

In the Line connecting you to his mercy-you are just being wrought.

Take it or leave it, the black pudding in the pot

Your anger at fate, on you a load,in you a clot

You better you wear the fabric of obedience, piety,Submission, make humility the fourth

Say Alhamdulillah when you sneeze, cover when you cough…

Ashraf’ Scribbles….Using words to save the world

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