In the beginning it was as nice as it was.

The lion afraid of the roar of the mice

With ions bending the fate of irons

The mind racing quickly in between do and don’t

Faces beaming its path with sorrow and starving it with joy

In the beginning was the zeal to be quenched

Nailing the coffin of hardwork  and determination to be conquered

What a sight to behold

Never imagined serpents this slow

In the beginning it came as a shame

The show of honesty riddled with the bullets of distrust

It didn’t seem low

The sky spread ready to be marched upon

Indeed, it was, In the beginning to think how dreams come true

Never minding the surges of the current

So misty and freezing a cold pain

Hurting the soles and hot on the soul

The feet couldn’t carry me near where I fit

I malignantly pursued the train of solitude

Labouring through the valleys, hills and mounts

At least in the beginning I thought I was ascending

Oh! So I new it was the beginning of a perilous end

In the beginning I cried

For  shoulder to cry upon

Not knowing I should shoulder my cry

In the beginning it seemed the opposite

Until on the path I crave, I built my site

In the beginning my mind shook,

My arms walked

And legs worked

But it worked……

In the beginning

I dream ……..

And I the beginning I dreamt…….

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