Which part of me being Muslim did you miss.

It IS glaring a picture….. the ‘’diff’’ in Missis (Mrs) and Miss

Like the sun stretches its eastern arm-

  To open the day with its lighted keys,

Each throw against gravity, leaves the dice Abyss.

As the scourge spreads, uncertainty remains a disease.

It’s not just a game-

Even a Casino don’t NO! Who she doesn’t know,

It welcomes all she sees!

As wide as you view it either from the west to the east

Or prank the line to beset what he came to cleanse

The details of his message and signs as tips

Would haunt the vilest and continue in the believer, ease.

He is the best among those HE had sent with peace

No doubt as through him the shackles of hell, HE frees

Even HIS ‘’Arsh’’ MAHMUD was what his name means.

The one worthy of Praise- ‘’Muhammad’’ it is.

   A warner from hell whose heat can freeze.

Eloquent in speech yet in confusion some elements insist

His birth was a miracle, the year the elephants desist

On Monday was his calling, on it his fasting increase.

Paved luminescent a path, without doubt of that or this,

Animals testify, even Jinns in faith increase.

Then why would you label him with what he commands should cease

   Even pigs respect nature, go learn obedience in Bees.

I preserve his name, i adore him not in sins,

I live him all day even though he is decease.

Wrong path I leave, phototropism you see in trees.

Migrate to his sunnah if surely him you want to please.

Leave the BET’s my dear…….Learn from his birth and change the gear.


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