No matter how the letter so long,

It still will leave thousands unsaid.

We live to wonder at the wonders how so many-

But none is more wonderful than that man that wonders.


Back to the flesh pot of Egypt-

We beckon on the pharaoh to lead the exodus.

Oh what a marvel!

No matter how near Greece is to our phoenix,

Its ashes wouldn’t even lighten up a sleeping candle.

If you don’t join the train,

Whenever it refuses to rain,

You’d just wait in vain-

With nothing to gain.


We have to embrace who we are;

Boastful, rude, fragile, ungrateful and folly.

But forgot who to become;

Obedient, patient, kind and thankful.

Remind me when it’s the right time to move,

The train station is about getting full.

The last resort of the common man!

I dare not wane!


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