Of all the climes my mind sought

Never, the grave had it brought forth

With days approaching, the end unknown

Bumper seeds of sin I have hugely sown

In its every damned step, another is cloned

Its blissful garden, like forever I roamed

Atid’s scribbles I can’t just atone

Yet my heart, never withered a stone

Deafening whispers of conscience I detest

Amazing glamour, I yell, indeed abound in this ‘’jest’’

Cry me a river,
And I would swim you a fish.

Relay me the prophet’s message
And I would play you its disc.

The truth I know
For the word is bitter

Caution at wind I throw
All I see is the world and its glitter

Withholding arms that to the poor should care

Yes, I’m rich; with smiles and words I am blessed

I whined as a baby and now ready to make someone whine

The pulpit I dare can’t touch; and together with adults dare not wine.

Yet ‘’heed’’ constantly the grave would call

That on me, death would beckon

But as the son of the midnight sun

I giggle- ‘’my day has only just begun’’

What a shame, I forgot that soon I’d be gone!

And the scrolls would be handed as the deal was done.

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