I saw her!
Those eyes, I mean- popping from the window

That imbued her face

The resplendent aura of her gushing beauty

Don’t ask how I knew

For her charm, so blinding-

Radiates from a lowered gaze

“unfried’ voice

Straight gentle steps

Depicting royalty-

I inferred from afar

All in a flowing Regalia

I wished I could-
Touch and simmer

A thought very lethal

For her veil demands
Respect, Honour and Regard

In my trance

I was caught between scrub and rivulet

Garden and oasis

Water and Shade

Drizzle and dew

For she is meant for a few!

To her husband, a Diva

Her father, a princess

And her kids a queen

A soothing Succour to the-

Pious, pure and willing

And yes! I Saw her!

Her endowments, so revealing

Covered, not wrapped from head to the toe

Oh! I saw her!

As a priceless jewel Allah kept so secure.

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