Jollof that needs stew

I really need a bank to lend me a loan and leave me alone
For someone said to me sometimes ago
That real men with real eyes realize real lies

I mean Look!
Look again!This is not a mere pun or word play

Look I Say!
It is as clear as a bright sunny day!

You must Sow a dead soul (seed)
For to your soul a covering to sew

In order to nurture the soul
We go through the doe, not sow (female pig)
For to us it remains a foe

As I look for a way
To survive, thrive and not washed away-
For with success they say would stay-
Determination, Discipline and faith
We propel our outer self
At the expense of who we really are
To it we become deaf

You struggle to do more,
Become more,
But all to no avail,
It’s just for you to keep the Game on!
Hmmmm….You remain Just an ore
Raping all the dirt around…What a whore

Never become a Jollof
Waiting to be served with some stew
Never regard others thought about what you are
Reckon with your soul
Is it well? Not how far…
For soon you would realize
That you were even never worth the while
A Jollof still calling for Stew……

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