I exist in a place where there was no one like me
The trees had their roots in the sky
And Heavens crawl on the surface of waters

I was born into a world
Where no one regards desires-

Dreams were lame
And hopes were the kings of Actions

I dwell in moments most of you would call Horror
For the water we drink is the blood of our fallen compatriots

In our world,
The Ocean retains its algal bloom
The sun romances our feet at will
And hardly do we have gleeful showers-

For if it rains, then the storm that follows
Would wipe away our happiness

I am the enigma that trends
The passion that slumbers
The courtesy that is lost
The future that is bleak
And the curse that endures

I live in the midst of Wealth
Seasoned with the curry of poverty
Boiled with the waters of Ethnicity
Served on the plates Jingoism
And garnished with battalions of bad leaders

I am the cry that would never be heard
The Song of Awful melody
But with Lyrics so sound to be engraved in the corridors of power

I am what and who I am
I am the Nigeria of today
The one our heroes past dreaded to come to fruition
I am the baby that cries for a mother
The phoenix that refuses to rise
And I am Nigeria!
The land of our dreams

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