Eddie’s Diary (Episode 4)

‘’Force Majeure’’ basically means superior power. Either one likes it or not, you have eternally entered an agreement with nature that whatever good that befalls you never would come easy. We never wanted to come to this world, yet we came. And it is by this same force we would leave. This same force of … Continue reading Eddie’s Diary (Episode 4)

Eddie’s Diary (Episode 3)

It all started when he was thirteen. His Home Economics teacher had explained to them the first aid procedure when domestic accidents happen. A boy had broken his right arm after engaging in an energy usurping fight with Anike. Being the most powerful although not the eldest, Anike wielded such a power that even school … Continue reading Eddie’s Diary (Episode 3)

My spew

Hello, hi moon Hello, hi sea The joy of the womb, The way I see it You’ve  got to be strong Sometimes you might be wrong Your passion is what seals it For Your goals to be true At times you rise, Most hours you fall, As long as you have it- In you’re your … Continue reading My spew

Look Deep

Shinning glitters, dont a treasure make, Nor iron bars,  a cage. Appealing to nature with forms and gaze, Our folly, throughout our days. Not at the top, the strength rests on the base. Neither the colour, purity relies on the taste. Forget the phase. Rely on the pace. With that you hold the ace. I … Continue reading Look Deep